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Our dogs are listed below in alphabetical order by their AKC Registered names.
some titles have been omitted for easier navigation -



Dog Ch Dream Hi's You Don't Know Jack Jack
Dog Ch Mori's Mr. Montana Yakedo Joe
Bitch Ch Mori's Shogun Sake No Yakedo  Sake
Dog Ch Sondaisa's Clyde The Glide Drexler
Bitch Ch Yakedo's Charged And Ready  Makita
Dog Ch Yakedo's Clear Cut By SteelCity Timber
Bitch Ch Yakedo's Don't Rain On My Parade Storm
Dog Ch Yakedo's Experience The Incredible Hulk
Bitch Ch Yakedo's It's In Her Grasp Talon
Bitch Ch Yakedo's Little White Lie Delilah
Bitch Ch. Yakedo's Other Side Of The Tracks Brooklyn
Dog Ch Yakedo's Pastime Espresso T'Go Sumo
Dog Ch Yakedo's Pave The Way Blacktop
Bitch Ch Yakedo's Rox And Rolls Roxanne
Dog Ch Yakedo's Scotch On The Rocks JB
Dog Ch Yakedo's Should've Seen It Coming Bullet
Bitch Ch Yakedo's Single Serve Scoop
Bitch Ch Yakedo's Talk Of The Town Rosie
Dog Ch Yakedo's The Red Baron Baron
Bitch Ch Yakedo's The Sky's The Limit Solo
Dog Ch Yakedo's The Winning Hand Ace
Bitch Ch Yakedo's Upper East Side Manhattan
Bitch Ch Yakedo's Wake-Up Call Revelly
Dog Ch Yakedo's Walk In The Pawprints Kovu
Bitch Ch Yakedo's Works Her Magic Charm

Bitch Bk's A Little Bit Of Heaven At Yakedo Eden
Dog Dream Hi's Nothing But Net Kobe
Bitch Yakedo's Living Life On The Edge Fringe
Bitch Yakedo's Midnight Messenger Raven
Bitch Yakedo's Name In Lights Broadway
Dog Yakedo's Second Coming Revelation
Dog Yakedo's The Mailman Malone