- Information & Certification Registries -

The Akita Network -The Akita Network is a simple site giving you as much information as possible in one location.

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) -Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. Is a non-profit organization originally created to assist breeders in addressing many health concerns in the canine.

Canine Eye Registry Foundation (CERF) -Canine Eye Registration Foundation.  Foundation for the elimination of heritable eye diseases in purebred dogs through registration, research, and education.

Info Dog - Info Dog is a site established for the canine fancier.  Here you can find show results, upcoming shows, retailers and so much more!



- Club & Rescue Organizations -

American Kennel Club -The Official AKC Akita Breed Standard, The American Kennel Club Registry.

Akita Club of America -The AKITA CLUB OF AMERICA is the National Club which represents, protects, and furthers the interests of the Akita dog breed and its owners throughout the United States.  It is a member of the American Kennel Club.

ARK - Akita Rescue Kennels of the Northwest.  ARK was established to help and re-home Akitas in need throughout the Northwestern United States.


- Friends & Breeder Websites -

Tom & Lori Rickard - California
Dream Hi Akitas

Jodi Engel - Minnesota
TimberSky Akitas

Alicia Meyer - Arizona
MajikSun Akitas

DUNE AKITAS - Richard & Karen Shaw - Colorado


Yakedo Akitas - Lyons, Oregon



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