We all know the west wasn't won in a day, but it was won bullet by bullet by sharpshooters like Smith & Wesson and Colt.  The west and the gun are inseparable - even today.  Just one gun can take out the competition, control a ring, and in the end, walk away with the ribbons.  This west coast boy carries on that tradition of shooting from the hip straight to the heart.  This young revolver has notched six points on his barrel, including a  3-point major and all by 12 months of age. 

Although a true goon (so much so we are never sure how he manages to hit the target at all), Colt intends to gun down the competition in 2012.

Be prepared to take cover when Colt and good friend Terri Erickson ride into your town!!

UPDATE: Colt picked up his second major over the summer and finished, completely out of coat, under respected judge, Bill Sahloff. Look for Colt's kids to carry on his fabulous family temperament and "wild" antics.

Colt's Pedigree and General Information can be found below.  
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BREEDER Dr Tim & Cindy Burns
OWNER Dr Tim & Cindy Burns
DOB December 8, 2010
OFA Pending Age
CERF Pending Age
THYROID Pending Age





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