im & I (Cindy) saw our first Akita at a dog show in Chicago, Illinois, where Tim was attending dental school and I was teaching.  We were taken by the dog's presence and beauty.  Four years later, in 1990, when we were finished with school and into our own home, we were able to acquire our first Akita.

e have been involved with Akitas for over 24 years now; associated with local and national Akita Clubs, (Cindy was the president of the Cascade Akita Club for four years while Tim filled the position of treasurer), showing and breeding, judging and being actively involved in Akita Rescue; fostering, rehabilitating and placing over 80 homeless Akitas.

ur family is our top priority here and it is a rare occasion to see a picture of the kids without one or more of our Akitas!  Our three children socialize and "raise" all of our Akitas and are highly involved in their care and training.  We have never owned an Akita that doesn't just fawn over children, which our handler tells us it can be quite challenging at dog shows because the dogs just "love everybody!"

im and I refuse to sacrifice the type that is "Akita" or the soundness that should be an integral part of every dog produced in a breeding program, but first and foremost at Yakedo, we focus on temperament and producing a dog that is mentally and emotionally healthy and happy.

ur desire at Yakedo Akitas was to establish a program that would produce a consistently sound America Akita that could be identified as a "Yakedo Akita" in both type and temperament.  Adhering to the AKC Akita Standard that states the Akita should be "large, powerful and alert with much substance and heavy bone - the head massive but in balance with the body; broad and forming a blunt triangle; erect ears carried forward in line with the back of the neck and carrying a large curled tail that balances the broad head", we feel we have met our goal generation after generation.

ere are a few pictures of our family (both human & canine).  We hope you enjoy our site and welcome you back soon.

Meet The Gang!

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